Random Bits of useful Information
Here is a link to the best map of the Island we can find. Once the page opens, click on
the map to expand the image. The Island is one of the largest in the US, so it is a bit
difficult to see it all at once. The detailed Deluxe Forest Service Map is included with all
vehicle rentals. If you travel beyond Klawock or Craig with 3 or more people, we
(almost always) require you to use a truck to avoid flats as the Subaru's have weaker
tires. We put together a
mileage chart for the various destinations on Prince of Wales
Island. Click above (on the words mileage chart) to view, but be forewarned I guessed
on some of it. So if you are SURE of a correction that needs to be made, let me know
and I will make the change. We are working with the Chamber of Commerce to keep
improving this so your help is appreciated!

The nearest store and fuel to Hollis is in Klawock, about 24 miles away The grocery
store there closes at 8pm in the summer. However 1 block away is the Black Bear
convenience store which opens at 4am and closes at midnight, Owned by the same
folks who have Log Cabin sporting goods store (907- 826-2205), a great source for
Island fishing licenses and gear.

If you need
Camping or Cooking gear to lighten your travel load, click on the
highlighted words to see what we have. We also rent a wide assortment of fishing
set-ups......but be sure to reserve ahead of time because they are normally in high
Things You Might Want to Know
D.J.'s Hollis Adventure Rentals
Camping on Prince of Wales Island
Here is a List of Forest Service cabins on Prince of Wales Island. Look for the ones
under both the "Craig" and "Thorne Bay" headings. Though some are only accessible
by float plane or a boat, there are several you can reach by our rental vehicles (Staney
Creek, Control Lake and 12-Mile). The Pt Amagura cabin is often accessed using any
one of the many stylesof boats we rent out of the Craig harbor. And we also offer
transportation services with our 32' landing craft to most remote locations located on
the west side of POW.

Our Island doesn't have the more aggressive brown (Grizzly) bear, only black bear. Our
experience has been that they will run from you once they know you are around. We
often wear bells on our shoelaces if we are outback wandering to make sure we don't
surprise a mother with cubs. They have lots to eat and do here, and they seem to
understand people are not good company for them.

The weather has been extremely variable for the last few years, so start watching it as
your trip nears. Always be prepared for rain, and layers is the best approach.

You may want to come into Hollis on a float plane vs the ferry. In that case, We drive
your car right onto the dock and load you up.

Links of interest;

The IFA ferry from Ketchikan to Hollis
Ferry runs once a day leaves Hollis @ 8am arrives Ketchikan at 11am then leaves
Ketchikan at 3:30pm and arrives Hollis 6:30pm. A 3 hour trip with restaurant on board
Scheduled float plane service from Ketchikan (and the airport) can be made with
Taquan Air at 907-225-8800 or Pacific Airways at 907-225-3500 (25min trip to Hollis)
Island Air Express at 888.387.8989 offers wheeled service to the Klawock airport
from Ketchikan. They have IFR capabilities so they can fly in poor weather, where
the float planes can't. And we are conveniently located right across the street from
the airport terminal, which makes life easy for you and us!! :)