Gladice the Tundra Access Cab
Our first  of 10 of these trucks now in
our fleet. Seating for up to 5 There's
also an optional deluxe sleeping
storage platform, turning them into a
comfy camping alternative
We Build Fun and Safety Into All Our Vehicles
Having fun often has a lot to do with feeling secure,
especially in any wilderness area. Therefore, we offer
to include a
INREACH remote satellite communication
device in our vehicles, for an additional cost of $10 per
day. You can use this device to get assistance from us
if there is a problem, or to call for a rescue if an actual
emergency were to occur. We can work with you and
use it to check in with family/friends so they know your
OK, and even allow them to track your trip's progress. .
Other Cool and Sometimes Required Amenities
Let Us Help You to Determine the Best Vehicle For Your Needs
Hollis Adventure Rental vehicles each have unique potential purposes. Let us help you
determine which is best for your individual needs.  

Fish can be carried in coolers in all vehicles; the interiors must be kept clean. Trucks
are the only vehicles authorized to transport game animals (they must be dead :).  
Subaru's are good for town travelers as they have the weakest tires in the fleet.

We allow all vehicles to be used off-pavement, though you will be responsible for any
damage to the vehicle whether your use was on or off road. Also your existing vehicle
insurance is solely what covers your use (proof of existing liability insurance is
required) ,
Each vehicle also includes;;
  • A cooler (except in the winter cause it's already cold)
  • Deluxe Forest Service Map    
  • Solar powered flashlights
  • Binoculars
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Comprehensive tool kits in most rigs
  • Emergency blankets & a flint
  • Of course a good spare tire and jack!
  • 4-wheel-drive option on all models (except for the vans)
Our Vehicles are Fun Enabled and Wilderness Prepared!
But Wait, There's More!
All of our cars have automatic transmissions.  We equip all our vehicles with the best
tires money can buy, an EXTREMELY important element as the Island is known for it's
razor sharp "shot" rock which carries over to the roadways..Each vehicle is throughly
cleaned and safety inspected before each rental. We don't allow vehicles with known
safety issues to be used by our customers unlike some of our competition.
Tanner the Texas Edition Tundra
came to Alaska with his own ideology
and approach to climate change
Seating for 5 and a southern accent too
D.J.'s Hollis Adventure Rentals
Angel the 12 passenger van
One of two 12 passenger vans with vinyl seats
and cargo area in the rear. When you need to
carry that many people in the wild, having
Angel with you is a really good idea!
MoonDust Puff
Only let out on special occasions or for
old people doing innocent things like
visiting young children or rock hounding.
Don't ask why, or I will eliminate any
discounts I might have been considering
ellow souled truck seeking stuff
not in the saltwater to play with
April The Honda CRV
with leather interior, heated
seats, CD stereo with IPOD
and a sunroofs for
that outdoor feeling!
Brother Omar
Angel's younger 12 Seater sidekick
Faith, Our "Beater With a Heater"
Older Suburban is in awesome
mechanical condition. Interior isn't as
nice as our other Suburbans and she has
some scuffs here and there. Tires are the
same over-the-top quality as all other
rigs. No whining. $85 per day
Elliot the GMC Suburban
One of 3 Suburban's all with leather
interior with seating for 8. Cargo hitch
insert available for extra storage or
something that stinks (like a dead
animal or your teenage son's socks).
Hunting use requires an additional
deposit. Roof racks for kayaks etc..
Big Red The Full Size Toyota Tundra
Tanner's bright brother with seating for 5
and a stellar black nose for sniffing out good
places you'll want to go SO PAY ATTENTION!
Seek the Toyota Tundra Access Cab
Abandoning her rich snobbish fellowship
to run wild in the Alaska Wilderness, she
tugs at my heartstrings everytime I see her
Martin the Toyota Tundra Access Cab
Looks just like Gladice, but has black
fender skirts, is 4-wheel drive and
came from a man named Luther...
Frank the Tank
Clean leather Suburban your
Grandpa would be proud to own.
Big Block 4x4 towing monster who
had to serve as a child shuttler to a
mean previous owner. Came to us
and got his merit back. Now he
happier than a barrel full of monkeys
Cause he's Purple and has a fat butt.
Roof racks so that your misbehaving
children have something to hold onto.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
          Que The Full Size Tundra
Seats 5 and ready for action. He will
take you where you want to go ....just
follow his "Que".
       Keiki The Full Size Tundra
Is the newest addition to the fleet. With
just a hair over 70k miles, she is not
even broke in.
     Packer The Full Size Tundra
Is the work horse of the group. With
seating for five and a heavy duty
ladder rack to boot!

         Nelson The Full Size Tundra
Is the twin to "Que". The only noticeable
difference, Nelson has a little more blue
on top.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
        Blue The Full Size Tundra
Seats five, step side nerf bars. What
else can you say..."thats my boy..