We are now offering our own Cabins to stay in at multiple locations and group sizes. Just give us a
call or shoot a email and we will let you know whats available for your dates in your desired location.

Here are some other places that you might want to consider staying at the Island too. These places are all run by people who care
about their customers and provide value at a reasonable price. Our Customers have spoke favorably about them, so I feel
comfortable telling you about their establishments. We don't receive kick-backs for promoting other business, like the
Dreamcatcher B&B. But these businesses have all recognized our unique approach and dedication to customer satisfaction and
have promoted our business to their customers. It's nice to return the favor so, please let them know you heard about them from us!

The Narrow Inn Offers our customers their "Island Rate" If you are going to need to spend the night in Ketchikan for
any reason, Pam is so wonderful and will hook you up! They have a great setting, free shuttle service to/from various
destinations and the staff is basically one big family. Clean rooms and an awesome restaurant that accommodates to your
specific needs. Affordable luxury - give them a call (907) 247-2600, ask for Pam and tell her that you are renting from me.

Hollis Creek Cabin   This is the closest place to stay to the ferry terminal, literally right around the corner. 907-570-1194 or

Cabins in Alaska is right on the main road, about 5 miles from the ferry dock is, owned by the wonderful Jim Koon
www.cabinsinalaska.com). Great hospitality, really cool and clean cabins, and affordable prices. (888) 648-7277. Jim is
caring for his family in 2015 so he won't be open for the 2015 season. Check back next year!

The Trophy Inn is located just outside of Klawock, across from the airport, on the road that leads to Thorne Bay and the
Northend of the Island. Very conveniently located on the Island and some of the nicest people you could ever meet. As with
others listed here, the pride in their awesome retreat is apparent at every turn. Don reminds me of Paul Bunyan with a never
ending smile and hands the size of bear paws! Teresa is famous for baked goods that spontaneously appear and her ability to
make you feel "at home" during your stay.  Call them at (907) 401-0857 or email donald_busse@hotmail.com

A Place To Stay Cabin Rentals has some handcrafted cabins conveniently located in Klawock and walking distance to the
grocery store. Wayne and Donna welcome respectful Hunters and also run the Gift Shop in Craig. These folks are characters
who know a lot about the Island. 907.755.2609     907.209.1247 - cell   

The Fireweed Lodge is located on the water in a protected cove. This high-end resort is well established and offers guests
charter fishing and meals with a packaged stay. Visiting Bob's place feels like the "perfect" resort with its beautiful setting
and character. They also have a fish process plant right on the premises and offer our customers discounts! 907-755-2930

The Dreamcatcher Bed and Breakfast is located on the ocean in Craig, Alaska, affords a wonderful opportunity to enjoy
styleand luxury while experiencing southeast Alaska to its fullest. Hosted by Ken, Alexandra and Lewis Owen, this charming
bed and breakfast gives an out-of-town feeling, all within easy walking distance to most of Craig's amenities
www.dreamcatcherbedandbreakfast.com    907-826-2238  

Tammy at The Little Blue Heron was one of the first business to promote us to her customers, They have two waterfront
locations conveniently located in Craig; One is right at  the Harbor overlooking our SmokerCraft boat moorage.
www.littleblueheroninn.com 907-826-3608 Tammy or try 907-826-2619 Aimee

Whale Pass
The Coho Chalet is run by Pat and Laura Tomlin. My customers who have stayed there all raved of the warmth and hospitality.
Phone 541-352-7175~ Sept to April Phone 907-846-5327~ May to August  Email  cohochalet@yahoo.com    

Coffman Cove
Alaskan Lodge & Retreat has received top reviews from several of our clients. They have offered our customers 10% off too!
Right on the water on Clarence Strait with a wonderful view and great personable operators.
Call Jamie Cope - Home 907 329 2195 Cell: 907 209 1851
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