Cars, Trucks, Vans, Skiffs, Kayaks
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to Prince of Wales Island for adventure?
We've got your needs covered!
Car, Boat and Equipment Rentals on Prince of Wales Island
We operate out of Hollis Alaska, and are the premier
providers of rental vehicles and equipment on Prince of
Wales Island in Alaska, Our full array of available gear will
allow you to enjoy Alaska's true nature experiences on the
Island, with less hassle and expense. Our vehicles are
meticulously maintained and equipped for safety, fun and
convenience; Things like binoculars, even a cooler, free!
We Provide An Affordable Way to Visit Prince of Wales Island
Give us a call, we'll help you strategize your Affordable Alaska Adventure!
We enjoy helping answer questions about the island, and putting together
"packages" to  that suit exacting needs. Our variety of fishing and camping
gear, boats, kayaks and vehicles will suit any adventures needs!

Our goal is to treat you as we would want to be treated, being a positive
part of the memories you'll cherish forever. We love what we do, and it
Call us today!
We offer the lowest cost vehicle rental on Prince of Wales Island. Our rates provide a
cost-effective way for you and your party to visit and adventure on the Island. With over
1000 miles of roadway and a similar amount of coastline, remote wilderness and
wildlife viewing can be found in abundance. The Skiff and Kayak packages offer a
great way to fish, photograph and explore the island.
Our one week adventure
packages (even for just a vehicle alone) cost substantially less than you would pay
just to transport your own equipment to the island!
Your Prince of Wales Island Adventure Starts Here!
D.J.'s Hollis Adventure Rentals
We offer a full array of
vehicles to accommodate
any Prince of Wales
Island  Adventure
We are now conveniently located across from Island Air
Express at the Klawock Airport. Stop in, pick up your
rental gear and grab some coffee.....what a great way to
start your vacation on POW.
We are the only rental agency on the
Island with canopies on all our  trucks.
You'll feel really bad making the
in-laws ride back there without one
Prince of Wales Island can be reached from Seattle in just
a few short hours. Leave Seattle in the morning and be
vacationing on the Island before noon, with a breathtaking
float plane or ferry ride (evening arrival) along the way!