We encourage you to call us to get some ideas and clarity
on your trip to the Island. It may seem a bit intimidating
and complex to get here, but its really not and our
experience will help make the most of your adventure.  
Our reservation process will eventually require an email
from you, once you realize that you can't possibly enjoy
the Island without our services. If you know the basics of
what you need, you can email those to us now. This email
should include (consider copying and pasting into email);
907-530-7040 = Office
907-617-4709 = Cell
Fax = 866-309-6483
Give Us A Call  @  907-530-7040
D.J.'s Hollis Adventure Rentals
We are family owned and
operated. Here, we finally get a
chance to go out and spend
some quality time together.
Fine Print: Operating Hours 7am -6pm Alaska Time (4 hours earlier than East Coast
time). If you call after hours, you realize I may spitefully raise your price :)
Your cell phone number and alternate contact
The number of others who dare ride with you
seating capacity needed)
Where you are traveling
(North end and Kassan
travel require a truck as they have 10ply tires)
Which rig you are interested in
How, where and when you plan on arriving the
(make sure to check out Island Air Express,
they have flights leaving the Ketchikan airport,
heading to Klawock 4 times a day)
How, where and when you plan on departing
Where you are staying on the Island
Any extra (besides a cooler) that you might need
The ferry arrives Hollis at 6:30pm and there are no
services in the immediate area. Check out the "Getting
Here" tab to see how to get here earlier and basically get
an extra day out of your trip by using Taquan Air.
As of
2015 our Subaru's are limited to 3 passengers without
special permission (because of weaker tires and ability to
handle your gear). Also luggage, fish boxes and people
can't be stowed on the roofs of rigs. Thanks for checking
with us for your Prince of Wales Island Adventure!