Hollis Adventure Rentals
Either of the 12 passenger
Edward the Conversion Van
Bart the Macho F350 Crew
Either of the Larger Toyota
All Smaller Toyota Crew
Cab Trucks
Puff the Toyota Sequoia
Any of the 3 Leather  GMC
Any of the Subaru's
Faith our "Beater With a
Heater" Suburban
Sleeping/Camping Platform
for Tundra's
Current Pricing
These are our current prices. Add 10% Alaska State Tax to all Vehicle rentals
Here's where the rules also kick in :(  .You will need to be at least 25 to rent from us, and you have to show proof of
current vehicle insurance (your insurance is what solely covers you while you use our vehicles).
Vehicle Rentals include deluxe forest service
map, first-aid kit, tool kit, flashlights, emergency
blankets, flint, binoculars in a clean, well maintained
vehicle with a good personality. If you depart from a
different location than you arrive, there may be a $75
fee to shuttle the vehicle boack to it's original location.
Skiff Rentals include GPS Chartplotter/fish finder, main
motor, trolling motor, emergency oars, fuel containers, initial
fuel (has to be refilled or paid for), first-aid kit, gun-type flare,
fire extinguisher, emergency blankets, flint and life jackets.
We also have Halibut, Salmon and Casting Poles for rent.
Trailers rented separately as we have found boats prefer the
water vs the road. A $2500 damage deposit required. We have
3 of the 16' Smokercrafts available and they each have 40hp
4-stroke motors. ADD 10% TO THE PRICES BELOW IF YOU ARE
16' Smokercrafts (3)
Trailer for SmokerCraft
Crab and Shrimp Pots
Fishing poles
$5 per
1 day free
Kayak Rentals include paddles, skirts, paddle float (to
aid you in getting back into the boat if capsized) and life
jackets. Most vehicles have a rack to carry up to 2 kayaks

Paddle Boats
1st Day
Next Days
Single Kayaks
If you have experienced our Island before, you know that once off the pavement (and even sometimes on) the roads are
covered by "shot" rock. We include nearly new, multi-ply tires on all rigs and you need to return the vehicle with the
same good tires. We don't mix our tires on the rigs, so if a tire is destroyed, it must be replaced with the same exact new
tire, and just shipping them to our remote Island is expensive. Also, these rocks embed themselves in the tire tread of
passing cars and can also cause rock chips and sometimes crack windshields and headlights .To deal with this repeated
blow that our customers were experiencing, we began to offer an
optional protection fee which covers the cost of tire,
windshield and headlight repair/replacement caused from these wayward rocks. The cost is the lesser of either 10% of
your rental, or $50 on the Subaru's and $75 for a truck or van (these are 10ply Mr Super Expensive tires). You don't have
to take the protection fee and can wait to decide when you pick your vehicle up.
Tire and Glass Protection as a Consideration
We can provide Camping or Cooking gear to lighten your travel
load, click on the highlighted words to see what we have.